Pro Photographer Kenny McKeithan and myself will be leading a special double workshop that includes a long exposure workshop and a Night Photography session. You may sign up for either one or both. The idea of leaving your shutter open for long periods of time is nothing new to photography. One of the first "fancy" techniques aspiring photographers learn is how to blur a waterfall with a 1/4 to 1/2 second exposure. But long exposures are not limited to waterfalls. With the help of special darkening filters called Neutral Density filters, we can achieve artistic blurring in the middle of a bright sunny day, a time when our cameras' limitations prevent us from leaving our shutters open for more than a split second. After we learn about long exposures with filters, we'll take a mid day break and start again to learn how to properly capture photographs at night.  A whole new experience awaits you after the sun goes down. We'll practice capturing pinpoint stars and learn how to make star trail photos. We'll be using the light of a near-full moon to capture images of the night sky that include bright foregrounds for an "otherworldly" effect.  

$85/class or $150 for both.

Folly Beach, SC. County Park. Exact meeting location on the island will be determined by weather. I will email everybody with the details.

Saturday November 12, 2016

Long Exposures 9a.m-1p.m

Night Photography 3p.m.-Dark


What we'll cover

Long Exposure Class

  • Your histogram and how it can help you get better exposures with every image.
  • How to extend your shutter speed without filters.
  • Adding specialty filters to achieve excessively long shutter speeds.
  • Incorporating the "blur" into your compositions.
  • Pro's and Con's of filter types including threaded, square, variable ND, filter systems, quality, and price.

Night Photography Class

  • Camera Settings for Night Photo work
  • Night photography composition
  • Photographing the Moon
  • Star Trails and Pinpoint Stars
  • Milky Way Photography
  • Apps to assist your night photo work

What to bring

***It is NOT necessary to purchase specialty filters in advance. We will discuss this at length in the Long Exposure class and I have filters you may borrow. No filters are necessary at night.***

  • Digital Camera
  • Variety of Lenses from wide angle to telephoto
  • Remote release (intervalometer or other remote capable of maintaining an open shutter for extended periods of time)
  • Eyepiece Cover (supplied by your cameras manufacturer or an internal switch. Not necessary on mirrorless systems)
  • Water, Snacks, bag dinner. (we will not have an official dinner break for the evening session as this is a short workshop but please eat something so you don't pass out! I know I would.)
  • Sunscreen (for the morning session), bug spray
  • Shoes that can get wet
  • Comfortable clothing appropriate for weather conditions


Choose either class or both on the registration page by clicking the link "Register Today".