I could easily bore you with a list of magazines I’ve been published in, could state every contest I’ve won (not that many really…I'm not fond of them), and sit and brag about my photographic style and credentials.  But this web site is not meant for me…it’s meant for YOU!  Why are you here and what would you like to get out of it?  Are you here to buy a new print for your home or office?   Would you like to learn how to improve your own photography and are possibly interested in booking me for a workshop or individual session?  You will find your answers here…and for some reason if you can’t find what you want, please contact me.  I’m happy to help.

Feel free to read the testimonials listed in the drop down menu to see what people really think of me…I left the evil comments out.  Just kidding…

The fact of the matter is, I’ve always loved taking pictures…even when I didn’t really know how.  I’ve also always loved teaching others.  I was the person who loved to train the new people at whatever job I had. (There’ve been a few…an environmental regulator, an aquarium curator…yes I swam with sharks and got bit by a moray eel, a juggler at the games at Six Flags in my younger years) But I digress…

I really love seeing an aspiring photographer take a shot that they didn’t know they could and just grin ear to ear.  I’m tickled by Photoshop newbies when they see how much they can improve what the camera spits out and make the images reflect their emotions when they captured them.

My photographic goals are simple, to Inspire People! I want to inspire people to better appreciate the natural world and hopefully take simple steps to improve the environment.  

Enjoy my site, enjoy your journey.  I hope to meet you soon!