I've heard it many, probably too many, times....no clouds, boring sky, I'm going home. I've been guilty of it myself. But just because the sky may lack the dramatic clouds we all long for at sunrise and sunset, doesn't mean that there's nothing to photograph. There's ALWAYS something to photograph. You just have to keep an open mind and look for other opportunities. 

It's a wonderful time to look for shadows and textures. The low angle of the sun allowed for these beautiful patterns in the sand to be captured. In the middle of the day, you don't see the textures or have that 3 dimensional feel nearly as much. 

You couldn't ask for a better time to capture silhouettes. Just find a prominent, easily identifiable subject and wait for the colors in the sky to appear. You get striking shapes...and rainbow colors. Bonus!

Late day/early morning cloudless light is also a great time to practice your backlighting skills. Although it's the toughest of exposures for our cameras to handle, backlighting is, in my opinion, the most dramatic light. These petals of a sunflower simply glowed from the early morning sun at Botany Bay, SC. 

Just a quick post today...a short reminder to not let a lack of clouds keep you from searching for beautiful images everywhere!

Best of light to you all!  Hope to see you in 2017!