I got a lot of great comments on my images that I posted this past week on Facebook and I thank you for that. Yes, I get some good images as does everybody. But I have a lot of total failures as well. Just because I don't post the bad stuff on Facebook and Instagram doesn't mean that they don't exist. Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has something to learn. Everybody's photography will grow and change with time.

I went out on my paddle board to visit Crab Bank in the Charleston Harbor last week. It's an easy paddle out of Shem Creek and at low tide, I can anchor my feet on the seafloor in 1 foot of water. I took hundreds of images. I have thus far posted two of them. They're pretty good and I'm proud of them, especially since I'm not a "birder" and I don't have big glass. These were taken with my Sony a6500 and a kit lens, the 55-210mm. I don't bring the really expensive gear out on the water...but what I do have is still a huge step up from my iPhone!  But those that I posted are a couple of the best images of the entire outing...and literally hundreds went into the trash bin. Why am I admitting this humiliating information? Because I think it will help. I think it will help everyone to understand that just because you see something wonderful on social media, something that you envy, doesn't mean that the person who took it is a genius behind the camera 24/7. Everybody has to start at the beginning. With me, birds are not something that I seek out to photograph often...pretty rarely actually. So if I get a couple great shots out of hundreds, I'm fairly satisfied.

Just so I don't feel totally humiliated in this blog post after that first image, I'll share the two that I'm proudest of.

Your "winners" and "keepers" will increase with time, education, and practice. But don't forget, even those of us who shoot all the time and are even professionals in the field still make mistakes and totally bomb a photo...or two...or a couple hundred!

Best Light to you all!!

Never stop learning!

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