I remember the first time I handed a small portfolio of images over to a professional whom I admired to have my work critiqued. It's nerve wracking. I almost didn't want to do it for fear of the things he would see "wrong" in my photo. But this is how I learned to be a better photographer and I value the opinions of others. Having your photos evaluated by a professional can be a great step forward in your learning process. By popular demand (and I appreciate the requests by my students), I have decided to offer image evaluations on line. I will offer a paid service that will be private and strictly between you and me. I will also offer a FREE photo evaluation service that is going to be set up as a lottery system. I will pick one photo a week to evaluate publicly on my blog. This evaluation will be sent to my subscriber list for everyone to learn from. These can be anonymous or you may lay claim to your work if you wish. I highly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. 


Simply click on the "Free" image evaluation button or the "Paid" image evaluation button to upload an image. These will go to a folder in Dropbox that only I can view. For the "Paid" evaluation, make sure you enter your email address in the dropbox to which I will send a Paypal invoice for $5 per image as well as send you your evaluation. The Paypal invoice is not automatic. I will have to log onto Paypal to send it. Please be patient and give me up to 24 hours to do this. I'm not always able to get to it right away. If you have any further questions or wish to add information to the image you're uploading, please email me directly at kate@katesilviaphotography.com. 

Please upload ONLY JPEG Photos sized to less than 3 MB. 

NO WATERMARKS! If I have to remove a watermark when you are uploading an image for an anonymous evaluation, it will be disqualified.

Please, only nature photography.

You do NOT NEED a Dropbox account for this process. I created a folder that is a direct link to the buttons below and only I can view it.

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