"Kate, it is you who is the kind one. You give freely of your time and talents and teach us the technical side of photography. You share images you create which are windows that allow us to see the world through your eyes and feel for a moment the beauty that exists all around us. If it wasn't for your work many of us would miss these windows. We are moved by your images as they let us see a little deeper into our own selves. Thank you."  Arthur E.  Feb 2014

"I had a wonderful time and learned so much!  You have a great eye and a wonderful way of teaching!  Thank you so so much!!!  I hope to be able to take some more workshops in the future!!!" Stacie

I want to thank you again for all I learned in the Photoshop Workshop you did for us. What I learned has taken me to the next level!  Donna F.


"Thanks so much for your instruction and help during the workshop.  I was so encouraged by the fact that you offered the same time and attention to those of us who didn't use SLR cameras.  I liked that you covered basic and advanced advice and technology and that, while offering help to each person, you let those of us who weren't as confident choose to 'hang back' until we were ready to ask for help."  Nancy A.

"I loved your HDR presentation. You're such a fine student of photography. You really know your stuff! AND it's always fun, a real gift!" Jack W.